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From pristine beaches to serene landscapes Hana in Maui, Hawaii offers an authentic and unique experience of old Hawaii. Learn more about Hana beaches, marine life, dining options and activities below:

Preparing for your trip to Hana
Hana is a small isolated town, approximately 2 hours’ drive from Kahului on a curvey road. Here are some things to be ready for before you hit the highway.

Hana Beaches and Marine Life
Hana has some of the best beaches in Hawaii, and the waters are home to dolphins, turtles and whales. Here are some of the top beaches in Hana to explore.

Hana Maui Activities
From surfing and hiking to enjoying a relaxing massage, there are activities for everyone to enjoy in Hana.

Dining in Hana
Hana offers a unique dining experience. Many visitors gather local fresh ingredients to cook their own meals, however there are a few restaurant options if you prefer to eat out.

Professional Reviews and Travel Articles
Read professional reviews and travel articles featuring Hana Kai 206.

Preparing for your trip to Hana

Preparing for your trip to Hana

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Hana has a few restaurants and food carts, with multiple choices for lunch, and just a few for breakfast and dinner. You could eat out at every meal, but many of our guests choose to cook at least some of their own meals, and Hana Kai 206’s full kitchen makes that easy. All you need are your own groceries.

You can pick up produce during the day at stands around the Hana area. These are fresh, local, and some are organic. Their hours are unpredictable. Hasagawa’s and the Hana Ranch Store both have a few essential groceries, and both close daily by 7. We usually suggest that people do their main shopping before leaving Kahului, or at Mana Foods in Pa’ia. There are also several restaurants in Pa’ia that will pack you a picnic lunch for your drive to Hana. There are also many stands on the way that sell smoothies, fruit, and banana bread.


There is no laundromat in Hana. Hana Kai Resort is upgrading their septic system to safeguard the waters of Hana Bay, so guest laundry is not currently available. You might want to take care of laundry before you head down the road.

Sights Along the Way

Web sites and guide books list many stops along the road to Hana. Here are some of our favorites; you may enjoy them too.

Mile 16.? Road to Ke’anai Peninsula. This side trip is really worth the extra drive. The road winds downhill and follows the ocean where waves crash between dragon-toothed rocks. There’s a park with restrooms, and a food stand.

Mile 18.8. Wailua Valley State Wayside: Take the stairs on the right for a view of Ke’anai Peninsula. Also an inland view up the mountain.

Mile 32.2. Wai’anapanapa State Park: Hikes along the shore, plus a beautiful black sand beach. This park is close enough to Hana Kai 206 to make a quick day trip during your stay.

Check our guest book for more things to see and do once you are in Hana.

Hana Beaches and Marine Life

Hana Beaches and Marine Life

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Hamoa Beach
This fine sandy beach is about three miles outside the town of Hana heading towards Kipahulu. It has some of the best boogie boarding waves we have ever experienced! Voted one of the top 10 beaches in America several years in a row, this famous and award-winning beach is not to be missed! An outdoor freshwater shower is provided.

Koki Beach
One of our most favorite places to view the spectacular Hana sunrise (besides our own lanai!). This beach is a popular spot with the locals. Usually a friendly spot for surfing, boogie boarding (Hamoa is usually better), or just relaxing and enjoying the sun! Please note that there can be very strong currents in Hana waters due to the unprotected nature of this eastern shore. There have been fatal drownings at Koki including locals- please enter waters with caution and common sense.

Hana Beach Park
This beach park is a very popular spot with the locals for picnics and playing with small children due to its very calm waters. Located in Hana Bay, it is home to the boat ramp and picnic areas. It’s a nice beach to visit, as it is a short walk from the condo and has nice soft sand. The water is very shallow, perfect for small children and not as enticing to adult swimmers. The boat ramp is a bit dilapidated, but head to the right of the ramp into the jungle for an interesting hike to see the birthplace of the famous Queen Ka’ahumanu.

Marine Life

Upon occasion, you may see dolphins, or spinner dolphins, in the bay in front of our resort. Please note that it is against the Marine Protection Laws in Hawaii to chase or disturb dolphins… but you may see a local or two out frolicking with her beloved ‘friends’… snorkeling right beside them in peace.

You may also spot green sea turtles in front of the Hana Kai resort. Do not attempt to touch them, as touching the shell kills a protective coating that helps to keep the turtle’s healthy. The Hawaiian people consider turtles to be sacred.

The Hana Kai resort is a great location for whale watching! December through April, humpback whales can be seen in the deep waters front of our resort. Yearly, humpback whales travel from Alaska to the warm waters of Maui, giving birth to their young and nursing them here. Often you can see the young ones jump and spin out of the water. Watch for spouts of water, tail flips and breeches on the horizon to view these incredible creatures in their natural environment. They are typically more active first thing in the morning and in the late afternoon prior to sunset.

Dining in Hana

Dining in Hana

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There are only four choices for dining in Hana: Home, local plate lunch or two restaurants run by the Hana Maui Hotel.


Most people know to pack the food they want for their Hana trip- a trip to Costco and/or the fantastic Mana Foods (Pa’ia natural food store) is a must for many. However, there is a joke in the now famous ‘Maui Revealed’ Guidebook that says to the question, “What’s good to eat in Hana?” …. “I don’t know, what did you bring?”

Well, there are some nice options here in Hana for those who did not ‘bring it all’. We have a full kitchen with everything you will need to prepare a nice meal or snack to enjoy at home including those little things like spices and salt and pepper so you won’t have to shop for absolutely everything.

Where to get Supplies

There are two general stores in town that sell basic food supplies. Please note that they close by 7pm so plan ahead. Hasegawa’s General Store is a wonderful ‘old time’ general store; they literally have a little bit of everything here! Believe me, there has been many occasions that Hasegawa’s store has had an item we really needed, and saved us the 4+ hour round trip to town! You can create a wonderful meal from items at Hasegawa’s. The other grocery store is the Hana Ranch Store. They have a huge cooler that holds a wide selection of beer and have a decent wine selection as well. They also carry gifts and many gourmet items that one may be surprised to find in such a small town. We find ourselves visiting both stores if we are making a meal, since they often carry different brands and selection.

Fresh Herbs
We have a wonderful community herb garden here on property. Simply follow the parking lot road as if heading to the lower building. The garden is within the rocks shaped like the island of Maui in the grassy area between the buildings. Feel free to snip some herbs to make your meal have that special fresh taste.

Fresh Local Fish
Sometimes you can get lucky and a local fisherman is selling his catch of the day. You may even find an impromptu stand down in Hamoa Village at Koki Beach or even in town across the street at the Hana Bay Charter place.

Local Organic Fruit
Hana has some of the most delicious organic fruit you may ever taste! Ono Farms, from nearby Kipahulu, sets up a stand just past the entrance to the town center and prior to entering the row of large pines as you exit town towards the beaches. The stand is usually open on Mondays and Thursdays but sometimes you see their tent up on other days. Chuck has been organically farming for decades in this area and his fruit shows just how green is his thumb!


In the last couple of years, a few terrific, and I mean TERRIFIC, local lunch plate establishments have sprung up along the roadside. A unique array of locals sharing their culinary skills in temporary shelters along the road makes dining in Hana an exciting adventure! These grassroots stands offer some of the best food around! Since most stands are run by folks holding down other regular jobs, many are only open a couple of days a week. Here is the schedule of local lunch plate stands at the time of printing.

PLEASE NOTE: These local stands are so popular with locals and tourists alike, they often sell out, so come early, and be aware that lines get long at prime lunch times. Locals know to get their food by 11am to ensure selection and availability.


Location: Within the stretch of huge pine trees lining the street on the way out of town towards Hamoa Beach. If he is open, you can’t miss it with all his great signs!

Days Open: Most Thursdays and Fridays from 10-2ish.

Braddah Hutts is a world class chef living right here in Hana. He was even asked to be the personal chef for Hillary Clinton on her visit to Hana a few years ago and has produced a wonderful spicy soy sauce mix available for retail sale. His stand is a fund raiser for his family to return to Tahiti in order to visit family still living there. His portions are generous and delicious! The Mahi Mahi is fantastically prepared with fresh vegetables and a delicious light cream sauce. On certain days, when his daughters are there to help, he may be serving his original Shrimp Pasta dish- yum! We can hardly resist his BBQ chicken, with his special marinate- it is ‘out of this world!

Pranee’s Thai Food

Location: Across from the Hana Ball Park.

Days Open: Varies, from 10-2ish.

Pranee is a fantastic cook and is always expanding her menu to please the customer. She used to only serve pre-prepared dishes but she would often be sold out by noon, upsetting hungry customers. She now has added many freshly prepared dishes to her menu- she now has a menu board too! If her prepared dishes are sold out, she can still make you something fresh with her extra stock of meat and veggies to create a delicious.

Stir fry to your taste. She also often has some terrific breakfast choices, including an amazing burrito made with a sunflower seed spread, carrots and tofu.

Ali’s BBQ

Location: On the main road, (back towards Kahului from the condo about a mile) across from the police station, just this side of the ‘Y’.

Days Open: Most weekdays from 10-2ish. He takes ‘call ahead’ orders on his cell phone: 808-248-7467. He is planning to return to the mainland soon, so check before expecting service.

Ali started with a small grill and tent, when week after week he provided the community with good, well-priced, simple meals such as cheeseburgers and Mahi Mahi sandwiches as well as traditional lunch plates with rice and mac salad. Convenient and good basic fare, we enjoy supporting this family business and see them grow while they are still here.

Location: Within the stretch of huge pine trees lining the street on the way out of town towards Hamoa Beach. Just prior to Hytota’s place on the same side of the road. Sign is a surfboard.

Days Open: Mondays, lately, check for signs posted on the grocery store bulletins-when he is open he is popular! 10-2ish.



The 5 star Hana Maui Hotel has a fine dining room and a casual Paniolo bar for wonderful food and a gorgeous location. Servings are small to modest size at a higher price point; around $20 for lunch and $40 for dinner per entrée. The quality and taste is exceptional. If you have a special occasion to celebrate or want to have an elegant meal, you will enjoy Hotel Hana Maui.

Here are some additional details:

Main Dining Room: Ka’uiki

Ka’uiki offers a tantalizing blend of Pacific Island and regional cuisine with a fresh innovative flair. The menu features fresh fish from the Hawaiian waters and produce grown locally or on the island of Maui. The majestic views look toward Hana Bay. The newly restored look is a contemporary interpretation of an unusual mix of styles and periods in Hawaii history.

The room features the “Red Sails” Manookian painting that evokes myths and stories of early Hawaiian voyagers. Colorful ceiling streamers soften the sunlight from the large skylights and conjure up images of Hawaiian sailing canoes riding the waves.

Reservations are recommended for dinner. For cocktails and dinner, ladies are welcome in long or short dresses, skirts or slacks. Aloha shirts, collared and suitable shirts (no tank-tops), slacks or dress shorts, are the norm for gentlemen.

Each Friday at 7 p.m. we present a special performance by local musicians and dancers telling the stories in dance of this special place called Hana. From kapuna to keiki, everyone will enjoy this special time and Hawaiian buffet:

  • Open at 6 p.m. (close at 9 p.m.)
  • Show starts at 7 p.m.
  • Reservations are required
  • $50 for adults, $35 for keiki (12 and under)

The History of Ka’uiki

The word ‘Ka’uiki’ holds much significance to the area. Legend has it that Ka’uiki Hill in the village of Hana is the subject of forbidden love between the god Maui’s beautiful daughter Noe Noe and Ka’uiki, the adopted son of the Menehune, a tribe of mischievous elves. Although their love was forbidden, Maui took pity on them and used his magic to keep them together forever. Maui changed Ka’uiki into a high hill – rooted between land and sea – and Noe Noe into the misty rains that caress the slopes of Ka’uiki Hill.

The history of the village of Hana is linked to King Kamehameha the Great, who united the Hawaiian Islands and ruled until his death in 1819. His favorite wife Ka’ahumanu was born in a cave at the foot of the hill Ka’uiki. Today that spot is commemorated by a plaque near the lighthouse at Hana Bay. Ka’uiki Hill was also one of the strongest fort-holds in the days of Kamehameha’s monarchy.

Paniolo Bar

The popular Paniolo Bar is designed to reflect the warmth and comfort of a private living room and is graced with a large covered lanai overlooking Hana Bay. Late afternoon lunches and snacks are featured daily in this relaxing area. Enjoy Hana’s finest musicians singing the best in traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music.

Paniolo Lounge Hours:
Cocktails & Espresso bar 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Pu’pu & Light Fare 2:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m


This restaurant was recently taken over by the Hotel Hana Maui management, and I have to admit, it seems to have improved the quality of their fare. Slightly less expensive than the hotel, we enjoy the periodic live music on some nights.

Here is more information from their website:

Stop for lunch or dinner at Hana Ranch Restaurant. The rustic, eclectic, ranch-style roadhouse is located in the Town Center and is open for lunch daily and offers dinner in a more casual atmosphere on Wednesday and Friday nights. There is also a take-out window for a meal on the go. Fun, casual, and friendly, with ocean views, Hana Ranch Restaurant is a favorite of hotel guests, the local community, and travelers along the Hana Highway. Polynesian-inspired ranch food – fish, chicken, salads, and the “best hamburgers” on Maui.

Don’t forget to try the famous cookie dough sundae! For more information or to make a reservation call 1-808-270-5280.

Hana Maui Hawaii Activities

Hana Maui Hawaii Activities

Explore all the fun Maui Hawaii activities you can enjoy during your say in Hana.
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We often spend most of our time enjoying the fantastic views from our room, and getting some work done on our high speed internet connection. But when we get a chance to play, here are some of our favorite Hana Maui Hawaii activities:

Hana Sunrises
Shown above, Koki Beach is hard to beat at sunrise. Other great locations are your own lanai during most of the year, or try a hike up to Paul Flanagan’s cross. It is steep, but worth it when that glorious sun peaks above the horizon. Plan ahead and allow about a half hour prior to sunrise to reach the summit by foot.

Snorkeling, Boogie Boarding and Swimming
Our favorite is Hamoa Beach for its consistently great boogie boarding waves and gorgeous cove shaped beach. The sand makes sunbathing also an excellent pass time at Hamoa.

Get a Massage!
Luana Spa is not to be missed if you are a massage fan. Nancy and her husband built a beautiful spa on family land overlooking Hana Bay. Enjoy an open air massage under a traditional thatched ‘hale’ shelter. Nancy ran the Four Seasons Spa in Wailea for many years, and she brings all of the fine spa treatments to this very laid back and traditional rustic setting. Nancy is an excellent therapist herself, thus so is all her staff.

Hana Waterfalls
Spend a few hours taking a leisurely drive to Haleakala National Park enjoying all the gorgeous photo opportunities along the way. There are two famous waterfalls to see prior to reaching the ‘Seven Sacred Pools’ in the park.

Visit the Courthouse and Museum
A wonderful compound is just a few steps away; enjoy a replica of traditional Hawaiian living prior to contact with the western world.

Taro Farm
Go to a real working taro farm and experience an ancient taro patch. Guided tours are available by local Hawaiians whom have lived in the Hana area for many, many generations. Learn more about Kipahulu Living Farm by visiting their site.


Professional Reviews and Travel Articles

Professional Reviews and Travel Articles

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